“Richard has taken the portrait art to a new high to showcase a beautiful collection of true American heroes. Presented as perfect black and white imagery, The Last Veterans is a work of art. Humble and honest, these first-person accounts from the major World War II theaters are now forever preserved.”

—Larry C. Price, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker.



“The Last Veterans of WWII by Richard Bell is an unforgettable
farewell to these last living veterans of World War II. Their stories--in their own words--are as stark and unforgettable as the haunting black and white photographs.

This book will stay in your memory long after you finish it...and you'll find yourself going back to it over and over again.”

-Robert Smock, Editor Emeritus, Global Power Group, PennWell Publishing



“You are a great photographer. I hope your book sells a million copies. I doubt if any other vet will have a photo showing highest medals from Germany as well as France and the Harvard law school.”

-Benjamin Ferencz, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg War Trials