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As a young boy in the 1950’s I loved to look at Life Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post. A vivid memory was seeing photos of Civil War Veterans marching in a Veterans Day parade. I was awe struck seeing men connected to an event that felt as remote as ancient Rome to a eight year old boy. That is the seed that grew into this book.

My approach to presenting this feeling of awe is to create a visual moment where the past and present are linked. The enormity of time and diversity of experience are crystalized. The intent is to explore diversity in the WWII effort including race, gender and ethnic origins. The black and white presentation mirrors the time. The penetrating gaze of the subjects recreates the ethos of the endeavor of war.

I’m in the generation destined to honor and pay forward the achievements of our fathers, the Veterans of WWII. In that vein, the intent of this book is to enlighten and remind future generations about these courageous men and women as they tell their tales of understandable fear, grace, and sometimes, humor. Let us remember and honor them.

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